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Main Purpose of this blog

In this universe we are living on this green planet earth the only planet where we can live whereas in other planet scientists are searching the possibilities to live. Till that the truth is the only planet where we can live is earth. And our green planet is chaning it-self due to lake of human activities which cause the problems like, global warming, climate change, on global, greenhouse effect, the global warming, on global warming, global warming is, global effects, global warming effects,what global warming, melting ice, global warming causes, global climate, global causes, polar ice, facts global warming, the climate change, how global warming, global facts, global climate change, what is global warming, effects of global warming, global effect, about global warming, global warning, global warming effect, stop global warming, causes of global warming, climate warming, global human, global earth, green house effect, global temperature, sea level rise, global warming cause, global warming climate, global cause, global cooling, global warming articles, effects on global warming, globalwarming, earth warming, etc. How this problems get into the action and which actions we need to do in our day to day life to prevent our green planet changing is we have to discuss. This blog will illustrate you what is above listed things are?